Thursday, July 1, 2010

Music for the gays

Sweet Jesus it is amazing how you can float down the Internet on an Google search binge and where you end up some times.  Craigslist looking at a used tequila bottle sold as an antique or ..Ahem..Accidently coming across a gay focused sight like South Florida Gay News.  According to the South Florida Gay News' "Gayvine"  Britain has it's "First radio station for gays".

Now that is SUPER!  

It's called GAYDIO and you can link to it here  - GINK  (A GAY LINK)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Helping Keep Meat on our plates

Some things in life are just not worth it.
Most Bars in Minnesota
Cops that have to remove friendless dead fat guys from apartments 
Last but not least 
Working at any job that has to use a meat grinder.
Another meat accident occured over the weekend as a man fell into "some sort of meat grinding machine."   Working at 3am on a weekend at JOBBERS MEAT PACKING COMPANY INC.   Where did your life go so bad that you are working at a meat packing plant on the weekend and working the night shift?  Do they give you Tuesday and Wednesday off?  
Is this a guy that sold his soul to play the best guitar around and now the Devil wants payback?

Personally I would take the smelly fat decompsing removal over meat packing leg amputations any day of the week.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Meal has new meaning

Happy does mean gay.
McDonald's spares no one from the marketing barrage and now it is targeting gays, not in the Wyoming targeting way, but as potential customers.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

A helping hand to keep meat on our plate

A man lost his arm working at a meat plant. His name is Joe.

I always imagine the crew that has to clean up the accident and what a grim task that must be.
Rip loves a good steak but sweet jesus I can't stand the thought of dudes losing didgits and it ends up in the food chain.
Get better Sloppy Joe.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fattest Cities in the United States

We know how stupid most Texans are but you can't help but notice they are super fat, junk eating, agoraphobic diabetics.

The list of the fattest cities is a great one to look at and just wonder what the hell people are doing?
Why do people in Corpus Christi Texas run and hide when that bitch from the Biggest Loser comes to town? ( Have you noticed that she always has some porn-like look when she yells at the contestants?
I think the Warthog's penis tip is just off the edge of the picture below.)

Over at Men's Health they have the list.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BP or BK caused massive oil slick off Gulf Coast?

On the war path again!
The King has ramped up his destructive creativity. The King growing tired of just destroying office spaces and mental institutions has moved on to bigger and better things. The destruction of the Gulf Coast fragile ecosystem was The King's latest target. PETA has claimed the oil spill was not British Petroleum's problem but those damn meat eating bastards.


Sunday, April 25, 2010


Ingredients needed.
1 shot- Bitterness and anger caused by rural female turning you down and leaving with your 19 year old high school rivial.

7 oz- Peach Schnapps, slightly warm and from a plastic bottle.

1 shot- Conversation about the next stupid fucking tattoo you'll be getting on your shoulder that is meant to impress really hot rural chicks your individuality and coolness.

7 cans- Keystone light 16 oz.

1 dirt road- A road just far enough away from your parents trailer and isolated enough that you wont encounter that "Fucking" county sheriff.

1 truck- Preferably a Ford with Calvin pissing on something and MUST have that rusty hood
that helps keep your can from sliding when you stop to bullshit with a guy named Al.

1 gun- Any gun excluding a scatter rifle or shotgun.

7 cans- Whatever beer is left in the cooler.

1 friend- A friend with less pull than you, no car or pickup and goes wherever you go.

1 sign- Finally the anger and resentment of your life boils over and you have to shoot