Sunday, April 25, 2010


Ingredients needed.
1 shot- Bitterness and anger caused by rural female turning you down and leaving with your 19 year old high school rivial.

7 oz- Peach Schnapps, slightly warm and from a plastic bottle.

1 shot- Conversation about the next stupid fucking tattoo you'll be getting on your shoulder that is meant to impress really hot rural chicks your individuality and coolness.

7 cans- Keystone light 16 oz.

1 dirt road- A road just far enough away from your parents trailer and isolated enough that you wont encounter that "Fucking" county sheriff.

1 truck- Preferably a Ford with Calvin pissing on something and MUST have that rusty hood
that helps keep your can from sliding when you stop to bullshit with a guy named Al.

1 gun- Any gun excluding a scatter rifle or shotgun.

7 cans- Whatever beer is left in the cooler.

1 friend- A friend with less pull than you, no car or pickup and goes wherever you go.

1 sign- Finally the anger and resentment of your life boils over and you have to shoot