Friday, August 7, 2009

Things always seem to work for our award winners

And the award goes to...

Sweet Justice
Ryan Kutscher was promoted to Creative Director at CP+B.
Staff Members are stoked, as Ryan seems to pull off the trying to be cool side of things so well.
From sun glasses at a shoot to the ever popular 'haven't shaved look' and finally posting every award possible for 'Whopper Freakout' on his own web page. (Found nowhere on his award list is the WDCSD's D-Bag of the year award.)
Although far less the redoubtable foe of unhipness compared to Alex Bogusky, Ryan has been made and is an earner for the Crispin Nostra
Good Job Ryan!


Whopper Freakout


  1. So, CP+B has a d-bag check box on all their applications, right?

  2. seems like someone is bitter. did ryan beat you up in middle school or something?