Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Katie Couric may not want to come to Bend Oregon for her next colonoscopy

The Feral Kid got me thinking about Oregon after the postman dumps twice post. There is a case in Bend Oregon that claims the doctors were a little lackadaisical on clean up between scopes. Some lady only know as anonymous Jane Doe found out the doctors did the Kleenex wipe off instead of a thorough disinfection. The greasy lawyer for the hospital tried the "Hey what was really hurt?"defense and the grand jury didn't agree. The hospital blathered that the scope "did not pierce her skin as a needle may," nor was it "offensive in the way sexual abuse is."
Let's put it this way... if you lined up 18 doctors in a row and you had a Kleenex to wipe off the probe after the first scope how many would volunteer to go second? Zero! It's more disgusting than my mailman taking a dump in my backyard or a Richard Gere scope. Do you think Katie would volunteer to be the fifth in line? Anal gang bang porn stars find this disconcerting. Colin Cowherd wouldn't even promote this to Illinois Nazis .

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