Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bigger than the brand.

When is a personality bigger than the brand?
Take Jobs out of Apple is Apple the same?
Take the Bogusky out of CP+B is CP+B the same?
Rip Salsa thinks not. If the Snarky Agencyspy website is correct and another layoff wave is headed towards the CP+B offices you have to wonder what the absence of Alex has done to the brander of brands. Once high on Acid and some really cheap gin I sat in on a Q&A with Alex in San Diego and I have to say the guy was a dynamic personality and he had an effect on others around him to be creative. Was the writing on the wall? You saw an Noah-like flood of talent leaving even before the Alex left (See Evan Fry and his cool little start up) and current talent just doesn't have that "It" quality to keep the cool going at the high octane speed needed. Can you say Polaroid?

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