Friday, February 13, 2009

Advertising and media try to grab onto TOTT(Texting on the Toilet) demographic

Companies have turned to gimmicks and promotions to get customers to buy products in the worst economy in a generation. Two for One cars, Saturday Night Live Skits selling Pepsi, McDonald's claiming they carry the working man's coffee at the expense of Starbucks, Kimble's Uncle hawking Pontiac cars, Burger King asking you lose your friends for a burger, Hyundai offering to take your car back if you lose your job, a desperate Las Vegas begging you to visit and beer companies buying space on an airline hostess' attire. Stunts are everywhere and it's uncertain if it working or not as American consumers hold tight to their wallets. There is a definite trend towards the cheap as affluent guzzlers of American cool are leaning on McDonald's dollar menu and skipping over the higher priced Olive Garden and Chili's.
One bright light in the shift to shitty food is the manufactures of toilet paper are seeing a spike in product use due to the extra time consumers are spending on the crapper. As money flows out so does the health of the American public. This trend isn't all negative due to the mobility of technology, TOTT (Texting on the toilet) and 3G web surfing can be done on the toilet and advertisers will see more and more clients wanting to grab this consumer segment.
Always look on the bright side of life.

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