Monday, June 22, 2009

Come out...Come out...Punks are trying to geek on CP+B

WDCSD always find it funny how all the nerds come out of the woodwork to make fun of the Burger King/Crispin relationship
after some news that seems to prove the nerds are winning. Google search Burger King Crispin Porter and Bogusky Sweet Jesus you would think Obama won some sort of election, Saltine Crackers changed it shape to oval...Mister Salty thinks these pundits of shame are a bit on the salty side. Nerds are still Nerds and CP+B is still CP+B is winning all the time. Maybe once in a while the cool guys in Boguskyland walk out of the bathroom with a urine stain visible on their cool jeans, the pair they wear to business meetings.Alway remember that the urine will dry and they still have the coolest jeans in the business.

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