Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Is Hollywood out of Ideas...THERE CAN BE ONLY TWO

Will Fucking Smith- King of the Remakes
Life seems to be measured in remakes as industry leaders transition from the age demographic that grew up watching movies in the 1970's to the now obvious trend in the  leadership run by the generation whose childhood memories consist of 1980's cinema and comic books.
The buzz was a Zac Efron remake of Footloose, which he bailed on after that lame ass Freaky Friday remake.  Zac is being replaced by the dreamy Chance Crawford who in all my public bathroom encounters with look-a-likes is far more handsome than Zac.  Sweet Jesus the six degrees of Chance Crawford? The Crawford Brothers? Palates with Chance?  More indicators of this trend is the possible MTV remake of Teen Wolf and Paul Verhoeven must be rolling over in his grave (He is dead in Hollywood's eyes, just kidding Paul! I think The Surrogate will be terrific! Someone who considers Halle Berry to be too old to carry a baby is awesome.) as the talk of remaking RoboCop is abound.  

Oldboy-This one will be a FUBAR  Will Fucking Smith?
Karate Kid- Another Will Fucking Smith, the Fresh Prince of Remakes.
Alien- Ridley Scott must be proud to be associated with Carl Erik Rinsch.
Highlander- "There Can Be Only TWO?"

Soon WDCSD will be arguing about the best remakes of all time and who played a better Robert Neville, M.D, Will Smith or Charlton Heston?
"Was the 1990's remake of Standing Tall better than the 2014  remake of Against All Odds?"
Time will pass and maybe, like Einstein's law of relativity as speed increase the mass gets to hard to push with any energy, Hollywood will hit the wall on remakes and the term DuexNext, remake # 2 will be the rage.  It was one thing when there were a few adaptions from books like Robin Hood, where you would expect 9 or 10 remakes but this is beginning to look a lot like Hell.

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