Thursday, June 25, 2009

A McDonald’s Pay Cover-Up? Maybe that's how the beat BK

An article at points out some very interesting cover ups by Ronald's Army of executives and the hold back of information on payouts for Mayor McCheese's country club fees.
At some point shouldn't this be the fault of McDonald's advertising buddies?  Maybe they could put out some ad pointing out how McDonald's executives are a diverse group of good guys and girls and how the McDonald's Corporation helps needy people highlighting the grounds crew of the country club enjoying a new tasty McDonald's Angus burger.  Freak out about a blow job burger picture that made it's way to the Internet and has us believe it's on every corner but slow to tell everyone that this is a Singapore Ad and not a U.S. campaign.  Someone should tell WDCSD where all the uproar about all the semi-stereotypical McDonald's ads that flood the airwaves (scratch that) the digital waves?
Punch me in the face- But in this economy show me a beefy seven inch meat sandwich over a douche bag getting his 3.6 million dollar salary and seems to be a bad tipper.
Nice job Tim Fenton!

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