Monday, December 29, 2008

Alex Bogusky takes time off from killing the idea of Clean Coal

Staffers at Whateverdrugscarsalesmendo [WDCSD] received a box of thumbtacks and a churro for Christmas and they were all happy until WDCSD staffers heard what CP+B got in their stockings.
Alex encourages future employees to sing and strum qualifications during job interviews.
WDCSD found that the most informative part of the video is Alex saying

"I'm not one to dictate everything."

Works for me.

1 comment:

  1. Guitars, hmm, I'd rather have cash and so would all the CP+B employees. Wonder how many re-gifted the guitar? Wonder how many smashed it on the sidewalk pretending the sidewalk was Alex B's face?

    What Alex B hobby will end up a CP+B bonus in 2009? Sky diving, hip-hop dancing, race car driving, or bull fighting? Oops, sorry, he's already an expert at all those.