Saturday, December 20, 2008


People for Ethical Treatment of Animals Peta released it's 2008 movie ratings with ratings of Good, Bad and in-between using two paws up for good, hisses and growls for bad, and site no silly animal reference for the in-between movies so I just use scratching at the door to poo as the animal reference for the in between.
The article quotes Peta director Jason Baker. "One must understand that movies don't just entertain, they have the power to educate and inspire, and they can even influence viewers' behavior." WTF? I watched "The Wrestler" last week and so far I didn't fore go visiting my daughter and instead fucked a coked up bar slut in the women's bathroom, not yet at least.

Top honors go to
"Marley & Me" starring a rescued yellow lab, Friends "actress" Jennifer Aniston, and a rescued Owen Wilson. This gets two paws up. The movie gives you the good feeling that dogs are family members no matter what.

I guess Peta is referring to 'good' families. I was left on the side of the road returning from the dump after trying to change the radio button in on my fathers car stereo, I could only imagine what he would of done if I took a shit on the carpet. Would Peta be happy if I did meth with my dog?

Peta praise "Bolt"
movie about a canine 'actor' who accidentally gets lost and discovers the joys of simply being a dog. I don't want to have to describe this bit of Hollywood genius. It stars John Travola and Billy Ray Cyrus's daughter (Where the hell is Butch Coolidge when you need him)

The final top honor goes to "The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian." all the animals are CGI so no animals were harmed in the realistic battles of flying mammals versus snakes in armored battle gear. What Peta fails to realize is the well known fact that CGI technicians, as a field, have the highest addiction to man on animal porn based on traffic to these sites.

As far as the movies that are feeling the wrath of Peta
"Semi-Pro" starring Will Farrell
according to the article it features Rocky, a grizzly bear from Predators in Action which provides animals and handlers for Hollywood movies. "These violations include failing to maintain structures and shelters in good repair, keeping a lion in a tiny shelter box in the snow, and failing to provide animals with drinking water," Peta says. "After the movie was released, Rocky fatally mauled one of his trainers."
So what's the problem? I thought Peta loved a good mauling.


"You Don't Mess with the Zohan" encourages deadly copycat actions. In one scene, Zohan uses a cat as a hacky sack (a small bag filled with beans and used in a game that requires juggling it in the air with the feet), and in another scene, a man uses a cow as a punching bag.
I saw copycat hacksacking throughout Los Angeles last week.
Prince Caspian Trailer

Bolt Trailer

Semi-Pro Trailer

Marley & Me trailer

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