Friday, December 19, 2008

Marketing McDonalds new DRIVE OVER THEN DRIVE THROUGH will be a tough sell

McDonald's offered a free espresso to the first customer to run over another human and drag him through the drive through. Crazy Idea but it works for me. .wytv

It was no surprise that the McDonald's Corporation will stop at nothing to market it's product. From the hiring of Larry Light, former executive vice-president for marketing and media services at BBDO Worldwide to the rebranding of Ronald McDonald to stupid ass videos that claim the goodness and wholeness of McDonalds. Larry and Mary love a fight and when your opponent is the Huffington Post or employees who want to Unionize...You'll win.

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  1. Holy Shit! Is that lady in the Youtube video an extra from TWILIGHT? Check out those choppers...She is from England? Isn't there a stereotype about teeth?