Saturday, December 20, 2008

In Today's Economy

Punch anyone who says this phrase. That's right, punch them .. Your friends will thank you, strangers will shake your hand, kids will laugh and the person you punched will send you a hand written thank you letter four weeks from the date your fist bashed their nose.

That said ...

In Today’s Economy - You must be ready. Ready for what? Everything, and these SIX FILMS will help.

1. Red Dawn – if you can’t avenge Harry Dean Stanton you’re fucked.

2. Apocalypse Now - so that’s how Frank Booth became Frank Booth. Makes sense.

3. Road Warrior - hold on to your assless chaps! This is from Mad Max, so what.

4. Six String Samurai - remember when you dropped out of college to play lead guitar in that band that peaked by playing a shitty gig on the worst talk show in the history of television – The Carson Daily Show. Then everyone you knew laughed at you. Well, fuck them. You’re now the leader of the world and you rock.

5. Children of Men – Michael Caine growing and smoking massive amounts of dope in a cool cabin in the middle of nowhere. Sounds like my Uncle Ramón.

6. WALL-E - keep your 64-ounce 7-Eleven soda mug and you’ll be fine. If you're hard core, and you know you are, make it a double gulp, those are the best. Basically be an American - who says fat and lazy won't pay off.

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