Saturday, April 4, 2009

Amazing what gets you partner at W&K. Create the most boring Commercial perhaps?

Rip Salsa isn't saying being a science geek is the way to the top but it sure seems to be at Wieden & Kennedy. Those dudes added two partners and...wait...wait...this was the first time they were not from the Portland Oregon office but from the equally miserable weather destination of London. Danny W did say

“Brand advertising creates non provocative relationships with customers. It highly speaks of ethics and core values of companies. Advertising is really not about you or your business. It is about people coming in and living up their creative potential completely.”

Way to go! Let me watch this below video it's the melatonin of ads

Wieden+Kennedy names two new partners

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  1. So anyone who has ever made a Rube Goldberg Machine gets to be a partner at Wieden + Kennedy?