Sunday, April 5, 2009

Moron's v. Crispin Porter and Bogusky

What happens when a Moron tries to sit at the CP+B 'Cool Table'?  You always look foolish.
What happens when you try to smack CP+B in your article? You always look foolish.
What happens when you call yourself G Man Marketing? You always look foolish.
What happens if you get arrested from drinking 40's while driving a school bus? You look like Rip.
Rip Salsa never tries to explain logically why I think some things are lame and others things are cool.  If your a fan of Football you may think every single person knows who the tight end of the Redskin's is.  Ask your mom who the tight end is for the Redskins she may say John Elway.
Geeks who try to bash CP+B for using Mac Computers to make the Microsoft ads are just geeks and forget that Mom's don't care, Mom's will just think Lauren is cute.   Who cares if Mac still gets the 'Hard Core', my computer will help me get laid crowd.  Rip Salsa has a Mac for that reason too and so does his Mom. Rip Salsa also has two refrigerators, one with meat in it and one with no meat, so I can get laid by some hot vegetarians.
Looking through my 11,000 Google Alerts I spotted an article about Microsoft that someone named SCOTT G? What are you a rapper from the 90's?   Anyway he tries to bash CP+B for not knowing anything and what happened to advertising and he just screams....
"You Kids Get Off My Lawn."
Rip Salsa hasn't slept, coming off a Vitamin K binge and ended up taking a 11 PM train to San Juan Capistrano only to lose money betting the Duck Fighting last night. Riding the Greyhound bus back to Los Feliz Blvd sucks, thank God for my wireless card.
I asked the Bum sitting next to me if he knew who the Tight End for the Redskins is?  
"BlahhFFFuchk Yu".  Nope.   

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  1. Hey Dirtbag. Scott G is a cool guy.