Thursday, March 24, 2011

Along with posing in tight underwear Men's Health encourages me to have sex.

Men's Health has an article on having sex with your old girlfriend using Facebook to plan your hookup. Glad Men's Health took time off it's classy top 10 bulging bicep exercises that women like, top 10 reason why your boner doesn't work and other important things to encourage cheating.
If you have the joy of reading Men's Health online. You have to read an article in 10 parts so they can get revenue from the ad hits on each page load. (Tip: When you read Men's Health always go to the PRINT icon and that way you can read the entire story without the annoying NEXT> shit)
BTW who the fuck would take career and money advise from Men's Health? Just keep to the ideal penis shit and leave the money to Forbes.

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