Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hollywood goes for Brett Ratner and Brett loves it. Brett to direct Youngbloods

You don't think struggling when you think of Brett Ratner unless you think Brett finding out that it was a guy that gave him his first blow job a struggle. Perhaps you view giving a child rapist a part in the Rush Hour franchise a struggle, but who doesn't enjoy seeing Roman Polanski using his finger on some dudes? The guy has status and would suck the soul out of a young child to stay there because having what Hollywood gives you is AWESOME.
Brett Ratner lands the directing job for the optioned project "Youngblood" a Rob Liefeld creation. A project like Youngblood reached legendary status, or in some minds sell out status when President Obama made the cover of one of the novels.
The lesson in all of this is the powerful of Hollywood loves beards.

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