Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Three words that should never be muttered in the same sentence "Pig Brain Mist"

No it isn't the new cologne idea from Alex Bogusky or Ryan Kutscher "just throwing some ideas" out to the Coen Brothers, this actually was a disease. A neurological disorder linked to their inhalation of aerosolized pig brains, 24 pork plant workers have regained their health. If it was Rip Salsa it would read former pork plant worker because aerosolized pig brains sounds like something out of a James Wan movie and not something WDCSD staffers should have to read about in the general news. Also the article mentioned a scientist named DYCK and that's funny to some. I really love meat and haven't really considered going vegan, not because I think being vegan is stupid or abnormal, only because as a child I saw an older vegan lady with a really hairy bush. When you see something like a giant hairy vegan bush it sticks with you for life! But when I hear "Play Misty for Me" it's ruined.

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