Wednesday, March 11, 2009

JJ Abrams combines what America wants: Young HOT and Star Trek

Thank god the Priceline guy is too old to protest the remake of his beloved character Kirk who is being played by the younger, hotter and of course still relevant to Hollywood, Chris Pine.
The new Star Trek buzz will start very soon and you'll always get the old guy who thinks new renditions of movies suck, and with Adam Sandler and Chris Rock the old guy is correct, but most movie goers are ready for Star Trek again or many haven't been bit by the bug. (Who doesn't remember Khan putting a bug in Chekov's ear?)
JJ Abrams is playing it right in Hollywood with his list of successes. Cloverfield had one of the coolest trailers ever, executive producer on LOST has to taste good and Felicity, WB went away after Felicity was done. He is golden in the things he touches.
Hollywood love JJ Abrams.

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