Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Who doesn't love a good McDonald's shooting?

Another McDonald's shooting.
This shooting involves a sawed off shotgun, drive through, breakfast menu and no deaths.

As Ronald's web of franchises increases so do random shootings involving employees.
The rule for working at McDonald's is to avoid getting shot because McDonald's is likely to find an excuse why you shouldn't get your medical bills paid.  
Steps to avoid getting shot while working at McDonald's.
1. Quit and begin to sell weed to the public.  Both are equally good/bad.
2. Grab your full-time manager, as he/she will have insurance and can afford to get a shotgun blast to the face.
3. Pack heat while working.
4. Expose your penis at work.  This gives you a work story later in life, no one works at McDonald's long enough to recall whether it was you...Really who puts McDonald's on a resume?
5. Quit.
6. Bloody your hand at work like Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler.
7. Quit
8. Say "Nice tits Grandma" and see if you get fired. (see #4)
9. Belittle your manager who lives in the same apartment complex as you do.
10. Ask patrons to look up "Pink Sock" on Urban Dictionary and if they don't know what it is be sure to tell them.

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