Monday, January 26, 2009

4 hours 29 minutes and Triathlons

You know those people brag about running a marathon. Not real runners because they don't boast about shit like that. I'm talking about people, usually out of shape women, who don't train for more than two weeks and think moving their bodies for 5 hours is some tremendous feat.

4 hours 29 minutes, that was Oprah's time. Memorize that. You can't use it against the stupid women for obvious reasons, but the stupid men that brag about marathons, shit, if you can't beat Oprah then fuck off and shut up.

Now those same morons think that swimming two laps in a pool, walking a mile and riding a bike two miles is a 'triathlon'. Fuck them. If I can see fat on your upper arms then you're not a triathlete, or any sort of athlete.

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