Friday, January 23, 2009

Burger King Buys Back Into NASCAR

The King is back on the track after a year off to chase down foreigners who have never eaten a burger. They picked a team that had a driver that looks like he enjoys one or two Whoppers while wheeling around the track. Quoted in the article is David Root the head of Burger King's adult promotions and sponsorships as saying.
"the renowned loyalty of NASCAR fans is a prime reason for the fast food chain to get back on the track, and noted that the Burger King brand “resonates” well with NASCAR fans."
I think BK is a little wrong in this assessment, NASCAR fans just love grease and would just as likely pull over at McDonald's or Denny's (assuming their white) on the way home from a NASCAR event. It all depends on when they need to pee out the seven quarts of Busch Light they consumed as they sunburned their arms and big ass bellies during the race, and that's just the women.
NASCAR you go!

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