Friday, January 16, 2009

Prison officers 'smuggle' McDonald's Big Macs into Belmarsh

Tragedy!? Or another stunt meaning to out punk people who have never eaten a burger from McDonald's, a oneupmanship over Burger Kings Whopper Virgins. I can visualize the pitch.

McDonald's Executive - Could you repeat that maybe I missed the beat of the ad
Marketer-We go into a rugged Texas prison and ask a man on death row to decide which burger of the two tastes better
McDonald's Executive-What theme would you give these?
Marketer-Your Last Meal should be a Happy one.
McDonald's Executive-Good let's go with it.
Greig Box Turnbull writes: The inmates – both drug dealers – were questioned and claimed an officer had sneaked it in. The named officer was suspended while an inquiry was launched. Belmarsh bosses are said to be furious that the food got in despite the jail in Woolwich, South East London, supposedly having Britain’s tightest security. I watched that Danny Day Lewis movie where he went to prison and wrote on the walls with human feces. Tight British Prison Security is like saying Quality U.S.A. Reality Television

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