Monday, January 12, 2009

Guitar shredder Ted Nugent offers box set

#1 'asked for' on most terrorists' year end must have list of 2009

According to an article at
How 'bout a six-set retrospective ("Nugent," "Penetrator," "Little Miss Dangerous," "If You Can't Lick 'Em ... Lick 'Em," "Spirit of the Wild" and "Full Bluntal Nugity") that will be reissued by Eagle Rock Entertainment on Feb. 3. Awesome, indeed.

Sweet Jesus! Get me a camp shovel and a roll of toliet paper I have to clean WDCSD's CD player that smells like shit now. SIX-SET RETROSPECTIVE? Ted Nugent six-set retrospective? The world is coming to an end the five words we humans should have never whispered
Ted Nugent six-set retrospective.

Maybe Ted's right

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